• March 30, 2020

Project Haldi Kanha National Park

Project Haldi – Kanha National Park

THE PROJECT CONCEPT : A survey was conducted to understand social, economic and environmental issues of villages around Kanha National Park . Some of the issues appeared in survey report were excess of MICA prevents villagers to clean drinking water and land does not hold rain water due to this, villages surroundings of Kanha Nation Park is Badly affected by wild animals, low income, unavailability of resources, poor education etc. After having deeply analyzed the issues, we come with a solution that is Haldi.

WHY HALDI : Because of its Multiple Features….

  • Wild animals don’t eat Haldi (Turmeric)
  • Yield is better in organic rather than chemical
  • It don’t get stole
  • Is needs less water
  • It gives 100% return on investment.
  • Disease & pest intensity is low
  • It’s a vulnerable Species among herbal plant
  • and many more ….

As per latest survey report…

  • 80% people don’t have excess to clean drinking water because of MICA.
  • Land mixed with MICA don’t hold rain water for long time
  • Villages surroundings of National park badly effected by wild animals
  • Regular conflicts between human and wild animals in villages surrounding to Kanha National Park of Madhya Pradesh!
  • More than 80% people don’t have excess to proper agriculture knowledge.
  • Very low monthly income of villagers
  • Unavailability of basic resources
  • No access to good education
  • No access to proper sanitation
  • No access to clean drinking water
  • Very less access to medical emergencies

OBJECTIVE :To develop yellow zone at surroundings of various wildlife reserves.

Project Haldi & SDGs

There are 17 Sustainable Development Goals Set by United Nations to be achieved by 2030. This single Haldi project can help achieve different SDGs , some of which are …


014-17               : 3 Years of extensive research on product selection (Implemented)

Mar – Apr 17    : SURVEY was conducted among villagers of different villages. (Executed)

Mar – Apr 17    : Sourcing of SEEDs (Completed)

June –Aug          :  Plantation of SEEDs ( Partial implemented

Feb. 2018       : Project completion of sample prototype.

Technical specification

Seed Rate – 8 Quintal/acre

Field Preparation :

1.Summer ploughing is most in turmeric field

2.20 quintal vermicompost or 15-20 tractor FYM to be used 1 Ha

Time of planting of seeds :

From 2nd week of May to 2nd week of June

System of Planting:

1.Planting is necessary in the raised bed

2.Spacing – 25-30 cm

3.At the time of sowing seed to be used as fertilizer vermicompost, Neemcake, Tricoderma, Psudonomas, Azatobacter, Azospirillum, P.S.B

4.Intercropping like maize,marrigold to be done for extra income of farmers

Yield – 80-150 Quintal/acre

What we are looking ?

  • We wish to invite angel investors under “Adhiyara” Partners for farmers scheme
  • and corporate to support underprivileged farmers of Forest areas under CSR initiative as this project will not help rural farmers to increase their income along with it will help save our wild animals.
  • What will you get ?
  • Investment on return who wish to invest under “Adhiyara”
  • Massive branding and promotion of companies investing under their CSR initiatives.

Who are we ?

Nature Resorts & Organic Farms India Pvt. Ltd – Registered under companies registration act completely dedicated towards adaptation and promotion of organic and traditional

Society For Sustainable Development –SSD is a NON for profit organization registered under society registration act with an aim and objectives towards accomplishment of certain SDG’s set by United Nations.

Sustainable Living Enterprise : Awarded as an exceptional Eco inclusive enterprise by SEED (UNDP, UNEP) is dedicated towards marketing and adaptation of sustainable products and services in day to day life and to motivate people to reduce their individual carbon footprints.

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