• February 23, 2020

Haldi Project



LOCATION : Kanha National Park

SURVEY OF VILLAGES was conducted to understand current social , environmental and economic issues.

As per latest survey report…

  • 80% people don’t have excess to clean drinking water because of MICA.
  • Land mixed with MICA don’t hold rain water for long time
  • Villages surroundings of National park badly effected by wild animals
  • More than 80% people don’t have excess to proper agriculture knowledge.
  • Regular conflicts between human and wild animals in villages surrounding to Kanha National Park of Madhya Pradesh!
  • Very low monthly income of villagers
  • Unavailability of basic resources
  • No access to good education
  • No access to proper sanitation
  • No access to clean drinking water
  • Very less access to medical emergencies


2014-17                : 3 Years of extensive research on product selection (Implemented)

Mar – Apr 17      : SURVEY was conducted among villagers of different villages. (Executed)

Mar – Apr 17      : Sourcing of SEEDs (Completed)

Mar – Apr 17      :  Tie-up with Haldi buyer (Completed)

June –Aug            :   Plantation of SEEDs ( Partial implemented

Feb. 2018             :  Project completion



Because of its Multiple Features….

  • Wild animals don’t eat Haldi (Turmeric)
  • It don’t get stolen.
  • It needs less water
  • It gives 100% return on investment.
  • It’s a vulnerable Species among herbal plant
  • and many more ….


Project Partners


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