• March 30, 2020

Air pollution problem and its solution


To get the solution! we need to understand the problem first!

Reasons for air pollution:

  • Increased no of vehicles
  • Smoke from Industries
  • Smoke from household chulhas
  • Industrial pollution
  • Throwing and burning of all types of waste ( plastics, medical )
  • Individual carbon footprints ( the type of food we eat, type of life we live, places we travel, clothes we wear- all signifies our carbon footprints)

Ways to control air pollution!

Although given solutions are same old ignored ones but they are beneficial in short as well as long run.

  • Discontinue all diesel vehicles which are more than 5 years old. Do not register new diesel vehicles.
  • Strict monitoring of  Industries
  • Replace decorative plants with TULSI ( Holy basil plants)
  • Cities like Delhi, Raipur, Agra, Kanpur ensure roof top plantation of Tulsi as much as possible.
  • Convert all abundant gardens into “Phoolwari” the waste management gardens!
  • Segregate waste at its source and manage them in “Phoolwari Gardens”


Raipur the capital city of Chhattisgarh well known for its jewelry and cloth markets. Education and Industrial developments. High class people can be seen in world’s most luxury vehicles. Although not much spread geography but large numbers of shopping mall all round the city can be easily visited.

But apart from all these development, Raipur have a long record of not less 12 years  for being in the top list of Worlds most polluted city.

Various Individuals and organisations are regularly monitoring the ill effects and causes of air pollution in Raipur. Key points are mentioned below !

  • Public and Government Ignorance
  • Role of air direction towards air pollution
  • Huge industrial pollution
  • Burning of hazardous waste in every part of the city
  • Huge no of illegal diesel vehicles moving all across the city
  • Out of control traffic
  • Unmanaged urbanization
  • Illegal felling of trees in the name of road development

although these points can be explained in detailed.  Just open your eyes , move across your city and will notice that our ignorance is the main reason for our problems.


Human Health Effects of Particular Matter:

Fine particles of less than 3 microns in diameter enter the nose and throat, reach the lungs, and cause breathing problems and irritation of the lung capillaries.

Particulate matter causes respiratory morbidity, deficiencies in pulmonary (lung) functions including decreased lung function (especially in children), and lung cancer with the consequence of increased mortality. Chronically reduced lung capacity (emphysema) among the urban population is also a major risk.

Environmental Effects of Particulate Matter:

The environmental effects of particulate matter include accelerated corrosion of metals, as well as damage to paints, sculptures, and soil-exposed surfaces on man-made structures. The extent of damage depends on the physical and chemical properties of the particulate matter. Particulate matter has also the potential to modify the climate through the formation of clouds and snow. Particles also contribute to acid deposition and may absorb solar radiation and impair/reduce visibility.

(Source: united Nations environment program)




PM10 and PM2.5 include inhalable particles that are small enough to penetrate the thoracic region of the respiratory system. The health effects of inhalable PM are well documented.

They are due to exposure over both the short term (hours, days) and long term (months,years) and include:

  • respiratory and cardiovascular morbidity, such as aggravation of asthma, respiratory symptoms and an increase in hospital admissions; mortality from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and lung cancer.Mortality from cardiovascular and respiratory diseases and lung cancer.

Source: http://www.euro.who.int/__data/assets/pdf_file/0006/189051/Health-effects-of-particulate-matter-final-Eng.pdf


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