• March 30, 2020

Adhiyara – Partners for farmers


After independence India had shifted its focus from agriculture to industrialization that propelled India towards the path of development. Whole development drive had been around cities, people from villages left their agriculture and moved to cities to work in industries. Especially after new industrial policy 1991, India has seen rapid growth in every sector of economy except agriculture, it has been lagging behind. Lacs of acre of land is idle due to unavailability, farmers have land but do not have enough money to buy seeds and fertilizers and water for irrigation. Gramin Satat Vikas Pariyojana is an endevour to address the issues of farmers by availing them advance technology and financial assistance to make them join the sustainable development.

Please scroll down to understand “Why project Adhiyara is very important”

We cut down trees to develop farm lands and Industries
Now There are  lakh’s of acres of vacant land available “unused”
Every year thousands of acres  of fertile land are  getting converted into deserts.
Every year thousands of farmers die !
Where in Urban people engaged in virtual gaming
Spending millions of original money in “Virtual world”
Wherein Farmers need very little financial support to grow organic vegetables and grains

(* all the above pictures are taken from   *Google photos.)

This is the time to support those- who need the most

Lets be their “Adhiyara” for mutual benefits


The concept : Local meaning of Adhiyara can be said as a business partner in farming. There are hundreds and thousands of acres of uncultivated land available, “UNUSED” because most of the farmers don’t have enough resources and money to spend: www.adhiyara.com will be an online connecting channel for interested city dwellers willing to have experience in real farming having money to spend. One has to get “Green Account”  to purchase or renting lands and even for purchasing seeds and organic manure. Profit earned or produce will be shared between both ADHIYARA’s.

Manage real farms, real farmers, real equipments with real products
Grow own organic vegetables,fruits, and herbs.
Manage goat, dairy, poultry farms online.
Sell – Donate or Consume
It’s all yours

Don’t waste your money & time in virtual games

Play it real over here !

Grow your own organic vegetables, fruits, herbs & flowers.
Grow your own organic vegetables, fruits, herbs & flowers.

Sell – Donate or consume !

Its all yours


  1. There should be min. 2 Adhiyara (Partners) one village farmer and one Urban investor.
  2. Village farmer will allot required land as well see towards execution and regular monitoring of crops.
  3. Urban investor need to invest money for seeds, labors , manure and for other required expenses.
  4. The end products will be distributed equally among both adhiyara’s (partners) under monitoring of www.adhiyara.com team.


1.Real farms will be made available online through mobile app and website.

  1. One can manage and see what happening in their associate farm sitting in home.
  2. The App. Will work just like any virtual farming gaming system
  3. One can trade – donate – or consume their real organic produce among other  Sustainable Living Network associates and members.

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Contact us for more details : ssdchhattisgarh@gmail.com


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